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Discover our necklace collection featuring diverse styles, superior craftsmanship, and sustainable materials. Find the perfect necklace for any occasion and elevate your style with our ethically produced jewelry. Shop now on our Shopify store!

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Cross NecklaceCross Necklace
Cross Necklace Sale price$117
Puffy Heart NecklacePuffy Heart Necklace
Puffy Heart Necklace Sale price$112
Puffy Heart NecklacePuffy Heart Necklace
Puffy Heart Necklace Sale price$102
Cancer Disc Necklace With BirthstoneCancer Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Sagittarius Disc Necklace With BirthstoneSagittarius Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Aries Disc Necklace With BirthstoneAries Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Libra Disc Necklace With BirthstoneLibra Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Capricorn Disc Necklace With BirthstoneCapricorn Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Aquarius Disc Necklace With BirthstoneAquarius Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Gemini Disc Necklace With BirthstoneGemini Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Virgo Disc Necklace With BirthstoneVirgo Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Pisces Disc Necklace With BirthstonePisces Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Taurus Disc Nacklace With BirthstoneTaurus Disc Nacklace With Birthstone
Leo Disc Nacklace With BirthstoneLeo Disc Nacklace With Birthstone
Scorpio Disc Necklace With BirthstoneScorpio Disc Necklace With Birthstone
Plain Compass NecklacePlain Compass Necklace
Plain Compass Necklace Sale price$226
Bright Oblong Letter NacklaceBright Oblong Letter Nacklace
Mom Ruby Stone Double Chain NecklaceMom Ruby Stone Double Chain Necklace
Heart Chained Name NacklaceHeart Chained Name Nacklace
Pearl String NecklacePearl String Necklace
Pearl String Necklace Sale price$252
Two Sun NecklaceTwo Sun Necklace
Two Sun Necklace Sale price$257
Bright Star Letter NacklaceBright Star Letter Nacklace
Triple Circle NacklaceTriple Circle Nacklace
Triple Circle Nacklace Sale price$226
Earth Compass NecklaceEarth Compass Necklace
Earth Compass Necklace Sale price$221
Twisted Marble NacklaceTwisted Marble Nacklace
Cross Circle Letter NacklaceCross Circle Letter Nacklace
Happy Family Circle Letter NacklaceHappy Family Circle Letter Nacklace
Mother Holds Heart Letter NecklaceMother Holds Heart Letter Necklace
Mother And Baby Heart Letter NecklaceMother And Baby Heart Letter Necklace
Multi-Gemstone Pendant to Family In 14K GoldMulti-Gemstone Pendant to Family In 14K Gold

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