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Explore our earring collection featuring diverse styles, superior craftsmanship, and sustainable materials. Find the perfect pair of earrings for any occasion and elevate your style with our ethically produced jewelry. Shop now on our Shopify store!

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Modern Sharp EarringModern Sharp Earring
Modern Sharp Earring Sale price$234
Full Triangle Midi Earring
Full Triangle Small EarringFull Triangle Small Earring
Modern Sharp Earring WithModern Sharp Earring With
Triangle EarringTriangle Earring
Triangle Earring Sale price$169
Triangle Earring WithTriangle Earring With
Triangle Earring With Sale price$180
Shield EarringShield Earring
Shield Earring Sale price$206
Bone EarringBone Earring
Bone Earring Sale price$268
Elegance Hoops EarringElegance Hoops Earring
Elegance Hoops Earring Sale price$279
Heptagone Earring WithHeptagone Earring With
Heptagone Earring With Sale price$211
Classic Pave  Thin Earring
Classic Pave  Bold EarringClassic Pave  Bold Earring
Classic Bold Earring With  EarringClassic Bold Earring With  Earring
Square Hoops With Stone Midi EarringSquare Hoops With Stone Midi Earring
Checkered EarringCheckered Earring
Checkered Earring Sale price$320
Cloud Hoops EarringCloud Hoops Earring
Cloud Hoops Earring Sale price$279
Heptagone EarringHeptagone Earring
Heptagone Earring Sale price$190
Ellipse Circle EarringEllipse Circle Earring
Ellipse Circle Earring Sale price$261
Little Star EarringLittle Star Earring
Little Star Earring Sale price$186
Cielo Hoops Midi EarringCielo Hoops Midi Earring
Cielo Hoops Small EarringCielo Hoops Small Earring
Cielo Hoops Mini EarringCielo Hoops Mini Earring
Square Hoops With Stone Small EarringSquare Hoops With Stone Small Earring
Bold Square Hoops EarringBold Square Hoops Earring
Magia Hoops With Stone EarringMagia Hoops With Stone Earring
Square Hoops Small EarringSquare Hoops Small Earring
Square Hoops Mini EarringSquare Hoops Mini Earring

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